MAGIX embraces Windows 7 by optimizing its multimedia software

All current program versions of MAGIX’s multimedia software run on
Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7. MAGIX’s most important new
releases for the autumn such as, Xtreme Web Designer, are being
optimized specifically for Windows 7 and carry the official logo
"Compatible with Windows 7". "The speedy adjustment of our products to
suit Windows 7 has once again demonstrated our innovative power," press
spokesman Ulrich Hepp comments the optimization of MAGIX’s multimedia
software for the new operating system. "Microsoft’s primary aim was to
develop an operating system that makes working with your PC easier and
dealing with everyday tasks more effective. This is exactly the kind of
focusthat has been driving MAGIX and the way it develops its products
for the past 15 years. That is why our goal is not simply to optimize
the current and future versions of our products for the new operating
system, but to improve them by integrating the new possibilities
offered by Windows 7.

New operating system offers more possibilities for multimedia software
Software specialist MAGIX goes beyond simply ensuring full
compatibility of its current versions and new releases with Microsoft’s
new operating system. It will spend the next few months exploring the
possibilities offered by Windows 7 and tailor the new features to the
specific needs of its users. The aim is to make using PCs easier for
beginners and experts alike. MAGIX also hopes to improve its products
by taking advantage of multimedia networking, which figures prominently
in Microsoft’s new operating system, and expects its multimedia
software to become even more user-friendly.


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