A Superb Duo: Thecus and Windows 7

To offer absolute compatibility with common application environments, Thecusis announcing compatibility with Windows 7,
Microsoft’s simpler and easier to use interface on the PC platform. In
addition to convenient features, Windows 7 also delivers boosted
performance on remote file operations with Thecus storage units.  With
the adjusted data transmit model on Windows 7, users can enjoy vastly enhanced data transfer speeds by utilizing Thecus NAS and iSCSI units on Windows 7. Take the latest Thecus 7 bay NAS, the N7700SAS,
for example. This illustration compares N7700SAS performance on both
Windows XP and Windows 7. Both read and write performance dramatically
increases on Windows 7, delivering a 58% and 34% boost respectively.

As Windows 7 is introduced, Thecus is ready. Bringing storage
technology to a whole new level, Thecus has one mission in mind: data
protection and digitalized convenience – the truly complete storage
solution for users worldwide. Let Windows 7 simplify your PC and leave
storage and data protection to Thecus. Accessing data on Thecus via
Windows 7 is quick and easy. Thecus and Windows 7 form the perfect duo
in today’s digital world for faster and more responsive data transfer


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