Irbtrax launches VAM new client lead generating system

Irbtrax, an emerging SEO, I-Market Research, and Internet Marketing firm, announces the release of a newly created customized service- Value Added Marketing. Value Added Marketing, hence forth known as ‘VAM’, is available for immediate implementation. ‘VAM’ was developed in response to the challenging task of connecting with ’elusive’ potential clients in the Business to Business market. It incorporates current best practice techniques as well as applying leading edge applications. As such, ‘VAM’ attempts to address current obstacles, while incorporating future trends.

‘VAM‘ relied on important feedback and input from established marketing leaders in their chosen industries. Irbtrax field tested several versions of ‘VAM’, and used the results to refine it’s application and portability. According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- “VAM involves pro-actively doing something, instead of just giving something. We’re hearing from Businesses and their decision makers that they are being saturated with a variety of free offers, and as a result, are becoming somewhat desensitized by this approach.”

‘VAM’ was designed to open doors to previously ‘elusive’ potential clients in the Business to Business market. It can also be formatted to build stronger relationships with existing clients. As such, it can be used offline as well as online, which provides flexibility and the choice of other options.

Within ‘VAM’, there are four specific step by step processes that encompass it’s custom development and implementation. The review for feasibility stage. The research for need and opportunity phase. The template creation stage. And the testing and refinement phase. As a result, ‘VAM’ integrates important elements in both sales and marketing. It also has an added Public Relations quality which will allow it to be measurable over a relatively short period of time. Irbtrax is hopeful that ‘VAM’ will eventually become a widely used industry branded term.

About Irbtrax: Irbtrax is a specialized results oriented Internet Marketing, SEO-O, website optimization, and I-Market Research company.


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