TechnoPark Corp. to Present Patent-Pending Method at IWSM 2009

echnoPark Corp. CEO/co-founder Yegor Bougaenko will make a presentation about the corporation’s dynamic, cutting edge patent-pending method relating to the quality of process control in software development, on Thursday, November 5, at the International Conference on Software Measurement, Software Process and Product Management (IWSM/Mensura 2009) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The method is implemented as an endless cycle between the automatic calculator of quality metrics, and a motivation system for project performers, explains Bougaenko. The calculator uses the database of artifacts, and a set of requirements as software functions. Using the automated requirements, the calculator collects measures from artifacts.

The presentation at the IWSM/Mensura conference will elaborate on how software artifacts may provide such homogeneous measures, and how automated requirements are defined in order to process the measures. The result of the calculation is used in a project motivation framework.

"It’s a challenging task to keep project artifacts and processes compliant with the set of standards used in the project, during the entire project’s life cycle," says Bougaenko. "What is almost impossible for the majority of projects, is critical, timely reporting on the level of compliance. Senior management wants to know how compliant the given project is, to the standards established. Our method enables such level of control and transparency."

TechnoPark Corp. applied to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a patent in October, 2008. The patent-pending method is awaiting approval (Application No. 12/264,370).

Technical implementation of the method was presented earlier this year at the VALID-09 conference in Porto, Portugal.

TechnoPark is a specialized project management firm providing quality development services to companies all over the world. TechnoPark effectively manages extreme requirements, tight deadlines, and limited budgets. Their team is the new standard in providing solutions to customers that are proven to be both high value and high quality.


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