Psystar makes Mac OS X installation on PC

Although the software is able to each operating system, from Windows to Linux, on an ordinary PC to install, it appears that Psystar’s press release the software specifically designed to install the latest version of Apple’s operating system – Mac OS X Snow Leopard – on a PC. According to Psystar, users who are in possession of an original Snow Leopard DVD just download the software, they burn on a CD and follow the instructions on the screen.

The software is only for computers with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, and Xeon Nehalem i7 processors for computers and not with such an AMD processor. The software is $ 50 for sale on Psystar’s website, but the company also offers a free trial version that Mac OS X installation will be, but with limited hardware capabilities. Even two hours after the software stops working. The company reiterates that the full version of the software, using the Darwin Boot Loader Universal, multiple operating systems installed and can be used. Through automatic updates, the software can be updated to more different types of hardware to support.

Simultaneously with the launch of the Rebel EFI software Psystar started yesterday the Psystar Labs-approved program. Here, users who have problems to a specific device to talk to get the device to send this certified. Psystar hopes in the future, this more hardware to support.

The new software is a thorn in the eye of Apple, Psystar currently with a major lawsuit is involved. Previously accused Apple Psystar to steal their intellectual property. And would Psystar guilty of copyright infringement by the Mac OS X operating system to modify. The new software is yet no because they do not make changes to the OS.

The software ensures that the short, Mac OS X operating system "thinks" it to an Apple-certified Mac installed. Mac computers use the so-called Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) for controlling hardware. The Rebel EFI software does in fact nothing more than emulate the EFI environment. So can an original version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard installation without any problems.


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