palmOne offers Wi-Fi SD card

After much waiting, palmOne has finally announced a Wi-Fi SD card compatible with its handhelds. Well, with the Zire 72 and Tungsten T3 at least.

palmOne today has announced that it will be selling a Wi-Fi SD adapter for some of its handhelds starting this September.

The palmOne Wi-Fi card is an SDIO adapter designed to work with the palmOne Zire 72 and Tungsten T3 only. Although palmOne has not said why it would not work with other models, it is likely due to power draw considerations and the capacity of the Secure Digital card slot on each model. Such cards have been available for some time for Windows Mobile handhelds, but until this summer were not available for Palm OS devices.The Wi-Fi card also includes VPN software to allow users to connect securely to a corporate network.

The first Wi-Fi SD card for a Palm OS handheld was from SanDisk, released earlier this year. It supported only the Zire 71, however. palmOne’s card does not support the Zire 71, but does support both the Zire 72 and Tungsten T3. The included driver will not install with other models. It runs on the 11 Mbps 802.11b flavor of Wi-Fi, as do all current Wi-Fi handhelds or handheld accessories.

The palmOne Wi-Fi SD card will be available on 3 September for $129.99 USD.

News source: infoSync


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