New Asus motherboards comes with USB 3.0 and Serial ATA 6 Gbps support

Recently formalized, standards of USB 3.0 and Serial ATA 3 have already been adopted by some manufacturers of hard drives, but not a single motherboard today combines the two technologies. Gigabyte is nevertheless about to fill this gap, quickly overtaken by its competitor Asus.

Although not yet formalized, two all new Gigabyte motherboards are actually in circulation. The GA-DU5-P55A and GA-P55A-UD6 are two enhanced versions of USB 3.0 and Serial ATA 3 for the existing models. They incorporate the specifications of their predecessors and therefore revolve around an Intel P55 chipset and a Socket LGA 1156 for Lynnfield processor. This chipset only supports that previous generations of USB and Serial ATA, Gigabyte here uses a Marvell chip to add two Serial ATA connectors 3 to 6 Gbps and a NEC chip to add two USB 3.0 connectors.

Asus prepares himself for the P6X58D Premium and P7P55D-E Premium, Socket LGA to LGA in 1156 and 1366 respectively. Found on each of its mobo are two USB 3.0 connectors and two Serial ATA connectors 6 Gbps, presumably using the same chips as in Gigabyte, in addition to the usual array of USB 2.0 and Serial ATA 2.

The question is how these chips are wired to other components of the motherboard. A single PCI Express Line (250 Mb / s) for creating these new standards a bottleneck. They should be marketed in November or December for charges unknown.


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