Intel brings TRIM support to X25-M SSD

The SSD X25-M "Postville" Intel-equipped cell flash memory in 34 nanometers, have now an updated firmware which opens the gates of the TRIM command, now run natively on Windows 7 . Recall that the latter allows the operating system to alert the controller when SSD Flash memory cells are no longer used, so that he rewrite on it without a hitch. Particularly expected, the TRIM command ensures that the performance of an SSD can degrade over time.

In parallel, the manufacturer announced the release of a software called Intel SSD Optimizer, which will in turn benefit from the TRIM command in Windows XP and Windows Vista, from the moment you use one of these SSD Postville duly updated with the latest firmware.

Gradually, the big names DSS therefore benefit from the arrival of Windows 7 to update their products and manage the TRIM command. Before Intel, OCZ or Indilix (controllers used including Samsung) have published these days of new firmware to their destination SSD feature.

End point made by Intel on the Postville 160GB, installing the new firmware would substantially increase the sequential write performance. The maximum speed would increase and 70 to 100 Mb / s.


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