HTC Introduces Global Advertising Campaign and New ‘Quietly Brilliant’ Brand Positioning

HTC Corporation, a global smartphone designer, today unveiled a
global advertising campaign that is based on HTC’s new Quietly
Brilliant brand positioning.  As HTC’s first global advertising
campaign, the YOU campaign is being rolled out across 20 countries in
the coming weeks and features the tagline, ‘You don’t need to get a
phone. You need a phone that gets you.’  This represents HTC’s
commitment to focus on people, their needs and how they work and live
to ensure that HTC devices suit them.

"Quietly brilliant is doing great things in a humble way, with the
belief that the best things in life can only be experienced, not
explained," said John Wang, chief marketing officer, HTC Corporation.
"The YOU campaign is the perfect embodiment of ‘quietly brilliant’ and
is core to HTC as a company, innovator and partner."

The YOU campaign is focused on driving broad, global visibility and
understanding of HTC’s unique brand promise – that it’s all about YOU,
the consumer, and in fact not the device. HTC worked with Los
Angeles-based advertising agency, Deutsch LA Inc. to create the YOU
campaign that will employ an integrated-media approach to reach
consumers via television, print, outdoor and online.  HTC’s design
expertise will be echoed throughout the campaign, with commercial spots
highlighting the unique functionality of HTC smartphones.

"We’ve come to have a very emotional relationship with our phones.
Many of our key experiences in any given day come through this one
device and yet most of the advertising in the category is still about
utility," says Eric Hirshberg, co-CEO and chief creative officer,
Deutsch LA. "HTC’s whole design philosophy is very personal. They make
phones where your experience is completely unique, so we think there is
a connection between how people feel about their phones and how HTC
makes them."

HTC worked with London-based creative consultancy, FigTree to create
the quietly brilliant brand positioning. The ‘quietly brilliant’
positioning was inspired by HTC’s culture of putting customers first,
born from a heritage of creating breakthrough products and continued
innovation. As part of HTC’s culture, the "quietly brilliant"
positioning will be rolled out in all forms of communication and brand
touch points across the company.

"Some of life’s most brilliant ideas started with a simple doodle on
the back of a napkin," said Simon Myers, CEO of Figtree. "HTC’s new
look uses this visual language of doodles to explain all the quietly
brilliant features and benefits of HTC devices in a simple and human


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