Google Wave to Get App Store

Summit Google Technology User Group (GTUG), held in London on Wednesday, had revealed that the new Google Wave, currently in testing phase, will have a dedicated shop in which developers can make available their extensions for pay.

Announced with fanfare at the conference Google I / O in May last month, Google Wave is a mixing service, email, wikis and instant messaging service that was billed as the future replacement of traditional email. Besides real-time collaboration, Wave is full of Extensions that developers can create to add new features, such as integrated Google Maps directly into a conversation or simply to provide a little game where each participant can interact. In so far as the programming interface is open source, Wave will be installed on its own servers, some extensions may well meet the specific needs of a working group business.

By creating a web store extensions, Google seems to move towards a market made popular by the Apple App store. Such an initiative has been undertaken by the company with the Android Market. It is still remained to be seen how developers will be rewarded. On the Android Market, they receive 70% of the selling price of the application, the remaining 30% being split between Google and its partners (mobile operators).

Google Wave Team also acknowledges some difficulties of network management. Following the conference of Google I / O in May, it is indeed 2 million users who are registered to test the service. Note that Google does not want to integrate Gmail messages directly within Google but Wave was the programming interface that should allow developers to proceed with this migration in the future.


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