Cisco Demonstrates ‘The Connected Life – Delivered Together’ with IP Video Technologies at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2009

Cisco announced today
it will display a host of medianet
technologies at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo Oct. 28-30 in Denver that will enable
service provider networks to become the platform for a new generation of
advanced broadband and video applications and services. Cisco is working in
close collaboration with its service provider customers to enable the
Connected Life experience for consumers that offer more personal, social and
interactive services to any screen.  

Cisco Exhibit Space: Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Hall C, Booth

Key product demonstrations include:

  • Video
    Over DOCSIS:
    Transform the consumer experience with Cisco’s DOCSIS 3.0
    infrastructure and Internet Protocol (IP)-capable set-tops while delivering a
    full suite of linear and on-demand services.
  • Cisco®
    Digital Service Access Node (DSAN):
    Free up bandwidth with the
    transition to all-digital services while continuing to cost-effectively deliver
    analog programming to multiple dwelling units (MDUs).
  • Multiservice
    Deliver video programming, voice and data services over a
    single integrated device with the Cisco MGX 8200 Series Edge Concentrators.
  • Business
    Drive revenue growth through virtual private network (VPN)
    services, cellular backhaul, high-speed Internet, Ethernet over DOCSIS and other
    advanced business services.

Cisco green products on display at the SCTE Green Pavilion:  

  • Cisco
    RF Gateway-10 Universal Edge QAM:
    Features low power consumption per
    QAM. Typical edge QAMs are 8-10 watts per QAM; the Cisco RFGW-10 is currently 5
  • Prisma
    II XD Platform:
    Offers superior power efficiency with just 7.5 watts per
  • Prisma II High Density 1310nm Transmitter: Requires only 7.5 watts of
    power to operate.
  • Cisco
    GS7000 Optical Hub:
    Made up predominantly of passive devices and
    low-power erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) and switches. The convenient
    strand-mount enclosure eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming building
    costs and permits, and it has no heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
    (HVAC) and associated power requirements.
  • Cisco
    D-PON ONT (DOCSIS Passive Optical Network Optical Network Terminal):

    Eliminates the need for the numerous active components (RF amplifiers) in the
    network, and thus the need for energy to power these components. 
  • Cisco
    next-generation set-top boxes:
    Consuming 17 percent less energy, on
    average, than the Tier 1 guidelines specify; Energy Star-qualified.

Cisco booth theater presentations:

Cisco will feature a range of speakers at its in-booth theater covering a
number of workshop sessions daily, including topics such as Cable Business
Services, MDU Services for the Digital Age and Cable IP Video.

Cisco Cable-Tec Expo Session Speakers:

  • Workshop Title: Getting More Bang per Digital

    Coordinator: Kip Compton, general manager, Video and Content
    Platforms business unit, Cisco
    Speaker: Robert Kidd, manager, Applications
    Engineering, Cisco
  • Workshop Title: The Changing Nature of RF

    Speakers: David Job, manager, Customer Test Lab, Cisco;
    Ronald J. Hranac, technical leader, Cisco; Ray S. Thomas, principal engineer,
  • Workshop Title: Leveraging the Optical Network for Services

    Speaker: Wayne Ogozaly, technical lead engineer, video
    architect, Cisco
  • Workshop Title: The Heart of the Cable Network: Migrating from HFC
    to FTTH If and When

    Speaker: Timothy Brophy, director, Network
    Architectures, Cisco


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