AVL Launches Enhanced Version of Bobcat Engine Applications Testing Software And Creates Battery Testing Companion Lynx

AVL today launched the latest version of its intuitive and versatile engine
applications testing software and hardware package, "bobcat." The company has
also created the battery testing version, code-named "Lynx." Specifically
designed to offer a simple and straightforward user-interface, bobcat 1.2
features increased efficiency for fast installation, commissioning and ease of
maintenance. Without extensive training or experience, bobcat allows users to
test a wide range of applications, including durability, endurance, performance
engine development and components.

Using AVL’s proven real-time operating environment for reliability and
performance, the new version of bobcat features an updated graphical user
interface (GUI) based on Microsoft Office 2007, which enhances the user’s
experience and accessibility. The software also offers an improved formula
editor to create formula channels and include commonly used equations for
convenient set-up. The data browser was also upgraded for increased performance
and to allow the user to see and export data expeditiously for analysis or

Allowing easy integration, bobcat 1.2 interfaces with external measurement
devices permitting users to collect data from existing or new measurement
devices tailored for specific testing purposes. AVL also included the ability to
add software filters to channels and enabled the remote operator panel to be
customized for customer use.

Building on the success of the bobcat system, AVL created a battery testing
companion. The new "Lynx" system incorporates control of power electronics,
making it convenient for users to create or modify test sequences. AVL created
and tested the Controller-Area Network (CAN) interface to popular battery
cyclers to ensure compatibility. It also supports CAN communication to battery
management systems (BMS) giving customers full control, monitoring, and safety
limit monitoring for CAN signals from the BMS and cyclers.

Bobcat I/O can be added to the Lynx system enabling the customer to measure
external signals such as voltages, currents, temperatures and frequencies that
are not available on the BMS. It also allows control of external devices for
functionality, including cooling and thermal chambers.

AVL is the world’s largest privately owned and independent company for the
development of gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel powertrain systems, as well
as fuel cell and hybrid technologies. The company offers combined solutions of
powertrain engineering, simulation software and testing and instrumentation
systems. AVL’s North American Headquarters is located in the Detroit suburb of
Plymouth, Michigan.


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