Paragon releases System Upgrade Utilities 2010

Paragon Software Group (PSG),
the technology leader in innovative data security and data management
solutions, today announced the immediate release of System Upgrade
Utilities 2010. This pioneering technology has been specifically
designed for straightforwardly migrating from Windows XP or Vista to
the new Windows 7. The program even allows the user to keep their old

When it comes to computers and software it’s not always easy to
stay well informed all of the time. The continuous improvement in
hardware performance and capability, combined with the almost
relentless introduction of new software solutions leads,
understandably, to many computer users feeling intimidated by the
overwhelming choice. The net result is that these customers tend to
stick to what they already know. Many are afraid to install new
software that, to them, may not seem to be worth the effort. These
concerns increase dramatically when it comes to installing or even
updating a new Operating System such as Microsoft Windows 7.  

This is where Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010 comes in. The
program is a combination of proven and brand new Paragon technologies.
In addition, it even offers two intelligent and simple solutions to use
and test Windows 7 without having to abandon Windows XP or Vista. A
built-in backup feature guarantees that, in the case of a system
failure, the old system can be restored easily and quickly. Creating a
recovery CD helps to minimize the consequences that a system crash or
malfunction might cause as the CD can be used to boot an otherwise
unbootable system. Before installing any new software, any system or
valuable data should always be backed up. All these features make
Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010 a unique tool for migrating from
Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7.

Konstantin Komarov, CEO of Paragon Software noted that “Enabling
the end user to keep up-to-date all the time is easy with Paragon
System Utilities 2010 which helps you to evaluate Windows 7 in detail.
Reliable Paragon technologies offer two possible ways for testing:
Establishing a dual boot system or migrating the current operating
system to a virtual environment.”

To set up a dual boot system the software creates a new partition
for the installation and use of Windows 7. Thus the user can keep their
familiar Windows XP or Vista environment. The Windows 7 Set Up Wizard
takes the user through the stages step by step and performs all
partitioning operations necessary without troubling or bothering the
user. With two partitions both operating systems are equally
accessible, offering the user a choice between either, each time the PC
is turned on. Having made the selection between the old and the new
system, Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010 helps the user to easily
uninstall the boot manager and one of the systems. Every user will
appreciate the additional free memory/disk space. The partitioning
features will still be working after the installation of the new
system, ensuring that there is no shortage of disk space. Establishing
a dual boot system is also possible on brand-new hardware.

If the migration option is chosen, Paragon System Upgrade Utilities
2010 will create a virtual clone of the current operating system. After
the installation of (for example) Windows 7 this clone can be
transferred to a virtual environment within Windows 7. It is also
possible to transfer/migrate Windows 7 into a virtual environment
within XP or Vista. Thus the user can work with both systems at the
same time and even use selected programs from one system within the
other system.

There is also the possibility that a user who buys a new computer
system with pre-installed Windows 7 wants to continue to use their
older Windows XP on the new machine. In this case, either a Virtual
Machine or a dual boot system can be used.

Owners of Windows 7 can download Windows Virtual PC, software to create virtual environments, free of charge from: Virtual PC 2007

Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010 will be available from the end of October 2009 for £19.95 inc


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