Telnic announces backup and restore for .tel domains

Telnic Limited, the Registry Operator for the communications‐focused .tel top level domain (TLD), today announced owners can now backup and restore their .tel domains using new functionality built in to the web control panel. This additional functionality is again in direct response to feedback from the .tel community.

A backup copy of one or all .tel domains owned by a business or individual can now be saved as an XML file. The backup includes a copy of all the data, including contact information, profiles, groups and ‘friends’ of the .tel domain that have access to private information. This file can then be used at any time to restore the domain data. This process can be performed for individual .tel’s or for all .tel domains at once when managed under one single .tel account.

“This functionality is especially useful when migrating domains from one registrar or .tel service provider to another, but it is also a useful safeguard for those .tel owners running large‐scale directories under their own domains,” explained Henri Asseily, CTO and Chief Strategist at Telnic. “Bulk management of .tel domains right through to the ability to mirror your IVR solution in your .tel domain using existing XML files can all be achieved through the web‐based control panel.”

Further recent functionality updates to the control panel also include the ability to have multi‐lingual sub‐folders, enabling international languages to be used within sub‐folder links. Added to long labels for contact information, this effectively delivers complete multi‐lingual capabilities to the .tel outside of internationalized second‐level domain names, which remain on the roadmap for future development.



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