Off-by-One Mobile Releases A Special Halloween Edition Of AutoTrafego

Off-by-One Mobile have released a free special Halloween Edition of
their isometric traffic management game AutoTrafego. This Halloween
Edition takes place in a specially crafted scary graveyard while still
offering the same quality of professional artwork and polished effects
as the original game. An original spooky soundtrack ensures that the
immersion is complete.

AutoTrafego – Halloween Edition is a casual, but challenging,
traffic management game in isometric view. The player manages the flow
of witches and ghosts wandering in the graveyard by changing traffic
lights at pathways intersections. If creatures have to wait too long,
they will curse the player. Two modes are available, a classic one, in
which a game takes places in a set amount of time, and a survival mode
in which the flow of creatures increases gradually until the player has
been cursed too many times.

AutoTrafego Halloween Edition Features:

  • Graveyard theme with witches and ghosts
  • Survival and classic modes
  • Detailed and striking artwork
  • Multiple environmental animations for total immersion
  • Online high score list
  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook
  • Spooky sound track by Squall

System Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:

  • AutoTrafego – Halloween Edition is available on the App Store for free.


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