Skill points lost by bug in Borderlands

There are more players who report that they suffer from a nasty bug in the
game Borderlands by Gearbox. The bug means that the data from player to be put
back to zero if you want online gaming.

At the forum Borderlands gamers already know that their skill and weapon points are lost when
an online game session start or shutdown. All a player can do is start again
with a new character. The problems appear in the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 .

Gearbox has already said, "We’re working hard, but unfortunately there is
currently no solution. But when something is available we will try to take
advantage of the character to restore lost."yet the players are not 100 percent sure that they
keep their data when online gaming.

Before this bug was known, had
analyst Michael Pachter has stated that in his eyes Borderlands would be no
success. The main reason would be that they have to compete with titles like
Dragon Age: Origins and Modern Warfare 2. 


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