Big Buck Hunter Pro Launches on iPhone App Store

Super Happy Fun Fun and Play Mechanix announce the release of Big Buck
Hunter Pro for the iPhone and iPod touch. Available just in time for
whitetail hunting season, Big Buck Hunter Pro is the latest way to play
the phenomenally popular 3D arcade hunting experience anytime,
anywhere. Millions of players already flock to the 10,000+ Big Buck
Hunter arcade units nationwide each week, and the iPhone platform will
enable long-time franchise fans and new players to experience the
world’s #1 arcade hunting game on the touch screen for the very first

Big Buck Hunter Pro is fast-paced and accessible,
featuring arcade-style gameplay with new touch-to-shoot interaction.
Players must shoot three whitetail bucks per stage without hitting any
does. While players wait for bucks to enter the line of sight, crafty
critters will provide plenty of target practice- and chances to earn
Critter Bonus points. With a combination of kill distance, impact
location ( where players hit the deer ), and number of shots for the
kill, skilled hunters can win a host of achievements and a shot at Big
Buck Hunter glory, with better kills and higher scores to flaunt on the
game’s networked leaderboards. Bonus mini-games including Duck Hunt,
Gopher Garden and Frog Flippin’ provide more fun between the big hunts
and can be played separately for a quick shot of marksman challenge.

Happy Fun Fun has been working overtime with Play Mechanix to develop
the first Big Buck Hunter Pro iPhone app,” said Mark Stephen Pierce,
CEO Super Happy Fun Fun. “We are proud to introduce new features and
upgrades that have been designed specifically for the iPhone platform –
arcade and mobile leaderboards, an arcade game locator, and fast paced,
touch-screen controls – all of which provide an entirely new gameplay
experience for fans. The premier hunting game has finally arrived for
iPhone and iPod touch.”

“Big Buck Hunter Pro for the iPhone and
iPod touch is the best handheld version to date,” said George Petro,
President of Play Mechanix, creator of Big Buck Hunter Pro. “The game
contains all of the excitement of the arcade version with,
unquestionably, the best 3D graphics of any iPhone hunting title. We
are thrilled that players can keep track of their online arcade scores
and standings right there within the app – truly amazing technology at

For the ultimate fan, Big Buck Hunter Pro features
integration into the CoinUp® Arcade Network, allowing players to track
their Arcade Leaderboards and Hunting Party statistics right from their
iPhone or iPod touch. There’s also a built-in BBHP Arcade Game Locator,
which utilizes the iPhone GPS capability to find the nearest networked
Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade unit in the vicinity. With over 700
interconnected arcade units across the country, chances are players
won’t have to travel far.

The first Big Buck Hunter Pro iPhone
iteration offers wildly addictive touch-to-shoot action across three
stunning 3D hunting destinations. Players can track their high scores
locally, or head to the iPhone leaderboards to compete with others.
Super Happy Fun Fun has much more in store, including customizable
hunting adventures and animals to download and expand the on-the-go
hunting experience. Big Buck Hunter Pro is now available on the App
Store for $2.99.


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