GTA-San Andreas’ first trailer released

The gangsta’s paradise of Rockstar’s upcoming crime epic can now be seen in full motion.

After months of teasing gamers with a trickle of screenshots and plot and gameplay details, Rockstar Games has finally released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Although it runs at just over a minute in length, the preview offers a glimpse of Los Santos, one of three cities in the game. Unspooling to the funky bassline of “Jungle Fever” by the Chakachas, the trailer shows off various parts of the Los Angeles-inspired metropolis, beginning in a Compton-esque area of run-down houses that are covered with graffiti, which players will actually be able to “apply” themselves in the game. From there, the action moves to a beach party at sunset, where a sweeping overhead crane shot of a dual-engine propeller plane is featured as it flies over Los Santos.

News source: Gamespot


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