Fujitsu Concentrates Resources on its EMEA Imaging Business

Fujitsu Europe Limited announced the increased focus on its document management scanner business through a strategic organisational change.

Fujitsu is a market leader in the field of professional document management scanners and has for more than 20 years empowered its subsidiary company, PFU Limited, to design, manufacture and globally market Fujitsu branded scanner products. PFU Limited was established in 1960 in Japan and is one of the top ranked Fujitsu subsidiaries because of its distinguished achievement in constantly ensuring Fujitsu scanners have the highest market share position worldwide.

Fujitsu Europe Limited is responsible for the Fujitsu document management scanner business throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and has achieved significant success in establishing a strong leadership position in the market.

In order to concentrate resources and to achieve greater worldwide synergy in the business, Fujitsu Europe Limited and its subsidiaries Fujitsu Deutschland GmbH and Fujitsu Italia S.p.A. will, from November 1st 2009, join PFU and focus fully on developing the market for Fujitsu brand scanners throughout EMEA.

To emphasise this transition, and with the same timing, Fujitsu Europe Limited will commence the process to change its name to PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited.

This strategic change will optimise PFU´s international imaging business and global customer base. "By unifying all worldwide sales and marketing functions within PFU we will be able to focus all our resources on ensuring we meet our customers’ requirements efficiently and effectively, helping them grow their use of Fujitsu scanners to bring real benefits and cost savings to their business." said Fujio Wajima, President and Representative Director of PFU Limited.


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