NovaStor introduces NovaBACKUP 11 Supports Windows 7

Data protection specialist NovaStor announced the availability of NovaBACKUP 11. The new version of NovaStor’s award winning single workstation/single server data backup solution introduces a new “Simple View” interface that removes the complexity from protecting critical data.

Usability Ensures Reliable Data Protection
NovaBACKUP 11 is planned to be distributed to millions of end users possessing a broad range of technical abilities from novice through expert. Taking this into consideration, NovaStor has developed NovaBACKUP 11 to provide a user experience that adapts to the end user’s preference and/or abilities. The new Simple View requires minimal interaction without compromising data protection. Basic options walk the end user stepbystep through each process eliminating any margin of error. Switching to the Advanced View will provide solace for geeks looking to control every detailed aspect of the product’s industry leading capabilities.

Other new features include:

  • Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery complete image protection that can restore a system to a point in time before a disaster occurred.
  • Online Backup Provides access to NovaStor’s qualified list of online backup service providers incorporated directly into the product and stores critical data files safely offsite without the need to install a new product or learn a new interface.

“NovaBACKUP has always been the number one choice of experts and critics for its robust feature set, unmatched device support and its wide range of capabilities within a single solution”, says Mike Andrews, Managing Director at NovaStor.

“NovaBACKUP 11 delivers the same punch, but hides the complexity to open up our world to even the most novice of users.”


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