India to Witness its First Ever Global Security Conference

In December 2009 India will take center-stage globally, on security issues, with the commencement of the first ever “Global Security Conference” to be held in the country. The two day international event, which is slated to be held on 4th & 5th December will witness global leaders, including heads of states, bureaucracy, central and state government agencies, leading private security companies, corporates, coming together to deliberate on issues pertaining to global security.

With the world shrinking to become a large “global village”, the concern for security is no longer considered as local to any country, province or region. Social unrests, terrorism, insurgency, crime have transcended international borders often assuming global dimensions, leaving no country immune to their impact. Besides, the South-Asia region is emerging as the hot-bed of all terrorist activities, which may soon lead India to be in the forefront of war on terrorism.

In this backdrop, CAPSI (Central Association of Private Security Industry) and APDI (Association of Private Detectives & Investigators) have come together to host this event of global proportions. With a theme titled “Global Security 09 – Initiatives, Knowledge and Employability”, the participants attending the conference will deliberate on issues, challenges and way forward for the enhancing security in India and globally as well. Participants from over 20 countries are expected to attend the conference.

Hon’ble President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil will grace the occasion as Chief Guest and will ceremonially inaugurate the conference on 4th December 2009. She also becomes the first ever head of a country to inaugurate such an event related to security, again exemplifying India’s tenacity in maintaining peace and harmony across the world and region.

Given the global security scenario, there is an urgent need for new initiatives which are geared towards taking an integrated global approach about addressing security issues. This not only calls for international collaboration, but also requires a paradigm shift in the way security is viewed today. This could include policies, regulation, education, and imparting of knowledge which is critical to creating a benevolent global environment. The event intends to serve as a platform to deliberate and take decisions about the initiatives which are needed.

In order to bring about this change and create path-breaking initiatives, the most important catalyst would be knowledge. Security should not be viewed as pertaining to just personnel and equipment – knowledge is also critical. The need for sharing of knowledge that helps create and impart world-class training and skills development programs for people (both state and non-state) within the security system framework is immediate. The way forward related to this imperative will be discussed during the Global Security Conference.


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