Aftersoft Network Inc introduces OpenWebs Version 5

Aftersoft Network N.A., Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Aftersoft Group, Inc., a leading provider of business automation and ecommerce solutions for the automotive aftermarket, is pleased to announce the general release of OpenWebs, Version 5, (OW V5), completed after months of design and development. This latest version has been enhanced to use both Microsoft’s .NET and Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript +XML) technologies. These changes have enhanced the system speed for inventory lookups while simultaneously requiring fewer page refreshes.

OpenWebs is an ecommerce platform used by buyers and sellers in the automotive aftermarket to facilitate both system to system and browser to system electronic ordering. OpenWebs includes modules for business to business (B2B) as well as business to consumer (B2C) electronic commerce. OpenWebs is currently deployed at over thirty five tire & parts distributors and is connected to thousands of buyer service shops, jobbers and tire stores.

Among various enhancements and benefits included in this version:

* Pearl TireGuide supported for Tire lookup in both B2B and B2C modules

* Google Checkout shopping cart added to the B2C tire module

* Tire B2C module has the option to order tires with or without installation and Road Hazard Warranty

* New Graphical User Interface for B2B Tire lookup screen

* Self-Service Accounts Receivable Status and Invoice Lookup

* Links to IAP (Internet Auto Parts) for part inquiries and orders with IAP member warehouses and stores

* Links to IPO (AAIA Internet Parts Ordering) for inquiries and orders with Beck/Arnley

* Links to AConneX for placing inquiries and orders with AConneX member warehouses and stores

* Links from AConneX for receiving inquiries and orders from 3rd party Point of Sale products

* Support for MS IE6, MS IE7, MS IE8, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome

* Supports Activant, AAIA, and Partslink Catalogs for parts distributors

* Supports kits and components for parts.

* User configurable pages for login page, home page and user pages.

* Display of local user-uploaded parts images

* Supports lost sales reporting

"V.5 of OpenWebs has given our company a quantum leap forward in our E-commerce efforts. The intuitive nature of the program allows the user to order naturally with no hand holding," said Nick Staub, President and CEO of alternator & starter distributor, Romaine Electric. "In our business, we often sell components to rebuilders of rotating electrical products. No other online ordering system will show all component availability, pricing and interchanges on one query. We feel we have a leg up on our competition with OpenWebs!"

"Real-time tire and parts lookup is now a necessity for distributors to compete in today’s market. The average retail dealer will have multiple windows opened up to view various distributors ecommerce software," commented John Fischer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Aftersoft Network NA, Inc. "OpenWebs not only supports a browser based ordering system, but is leading the way with system to system connectivity. With OpenWebs, a dealer can view his distributor’s inventory from within his own POS screen which saves time by creating the order on his supplier’s system, adding the tire to his own customer work order, and creating a purchase order on his own system."


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