Ahsay Systems announces Ahsay BackupBox Firmware

Ahsay Systems Corporation Limited, the pioneer in backup software development today announces the release of Ahsay BackupBox Firmware (AhsayBBF) version Specifically, AhsayBBF allows businesses to convert any bare computer into an enterprise-level backup server in just two minutes.

What is AhsayBBF?
AhsayBBF is an operating system optimized for running Ahsay Offsite Backup Server application. Specifically, configuration such as kernel memory consumption, file system block size, buffer size, cache size, and other parameters are all being automatically tuned for optimal performance on the chosen bare computer. Thus, this will save the time that is required for configuring these tunings when using other operating platforms.

Why AhsayBBF?
The main reason why businesses should adapt AhsayBBF is because it has drastically simplified the processes that are previously required in setting up an enterprise backup server. Normally, setting up a backup server requires several time-consuming and complicated steps. For instances, installing an operating system, installing the backup application on top of that operating system and making configuration accordingly. Therefore, even if businesses have the technical knowledge or experience, these procedures may take a couple of days to complete.

Now, with AhsayBBF, the installation is much simpler and can be completed in two minutes. As Ahsay has made the AhsayBBF bootable from a compact flash (CF) card or a USB Dom, businesses are only required to attach and boot from AhsayBBF CF card/USB Dom. After booting up the computer, AhsayOBS will be up and running and the bare computer is turned into an enterprise backup server.

How much for AhsayBBF?
AhsayBBF is FREE of charge when using with AhsayOBS. As a result, this will save money on purchasing other operating system and paying for the related maintenance fees. “The introduction of AhsayBBF creates a real cost-effective DIY solution for businesses to benefit from having an in-house enterprise-level backup system. As the setup process is easier than installing a video game, we believe it is time for businesses to say ‘Good Bye’ to those error-prone backup methods such as CD-R, DVD and external hard drives.” said Leo Au-Yeung, Senior Customer Service Manager of Ahsay.


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