Carbonite launches Online PCBackup

Carbonite Online PCBackup is the leading consumer backup service in the United States and Canada. The Portuguese version is now available for purchase at 49 € / R$ 130 (including VAT/ICMS) for a one-year subscription and 89 € /R$ 230 for a two-year subscription. An unlimited 15-day free trial of the Portuguese version, with no credit card required, is also available at

Carbonite installs with just a few clicks and runs quietly in the background, continuously backing up all data files. It is completely automatic once installed, Carbonite finds all new and changed files and continues to back them up whenever the PC is connected to the Internet. Storage capacity is unlimited users never outgrow their Carbonite subscription no matter how much data they have. Carbonite never interferes with the speed of the users’ PCs or their Internet browsing. Data is encrypted and compressed before leaving the local computer and is transmitted to Carbonite’s secure data center using HTTPS (SSL) for total privacy.

"After having launched the German, French, Italian and Dutch localizations of Online PCBackup, the Portuguese version is another important step to continue Carbonite’s growth in the European market," said Floyd Bradley, Carbonite’s EVP International. "The Portuguese localization also is a major step toward our entry into the Brazilian market. This presents a big opportunity for Carbonite, since Brazil has the highest number of broadband subscribers of any country in South America."


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