VMware Virtualizes Datacenter Infrastructure for SAP Managed Services

VMware, Inc. , the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, today announced that SAP Managed Services, SAP AG’s internal IT infrastructure provider, has deployed the VMware platform pervasively across its IT environment as the main virtualization platform for agile and adaptable implementations of SAP solutions.

SAP Managed Services provides virtualized infrastructure solutions to internal SAP teams and customers. Along with significant resource savings through green IT and datacenter process automation, VMware virtualization enables SAP Managed Services to provide more efficient access to training and demo solutions, development landscapes and business-critical SAP applications without the cost, complexity or energy consumption of a traditional datacenter. Internal customers gain a flexible computing model that enables them to meet demand as business requirements change while preserving the efficiency, control and choice they require.

SAP Managed Services is leveraging VMware virtualization solutions as part of its Lean Demo System Landscape (LDSL) project to streamline its IT environment at its global datacenters. This first successful implementation provides automated, self-service provisioning in an LDSL environment using VMware vCenter™ Lifecycle Manager, reducing the timeframe for global demo deployment from days to less than two hours.

“Because the demand for image-based demo solutions of our products is increasing significantly, automated system provisioning in less than a day became mission-critical for our business,” said Dr. Martin Przewloka, senior vice president, Demo Solutions, SAP Marketing. “Our Lean Demo System Landscape Services can now be further expanded to fulfill additional customer requirements, and we’re looking forward to leveraging this new technology for larger demo solutions as a next step.”

The successful implementation of this LDSL project has paved the way for SAP Managed Services to initiate additional projects designed to fully virtualize its IT infrastructure while offering a more agile and adaptable option for deploying SAP-centric systems and solutions. SAP Managed Services has deployed more than 8,000 virtual machines using VMware software as the primary platform.

“We hear from customers that they are tasked with improving operational efficiencies through continued innovation even as they watch their IT budgets evaporate,” said Parag Patel, vice president, alliances, VMware. “Leveraging the industry-leading VMware platform, SAP Managed Services has set a new bar for providing access to a scalable, high-performance computing model that meets internal IT innovation requirements while keeping their CFOs happy through cost reductions.“


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