New Software from Workshare Makes Comparing Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations Fast and Easy

Quickly Identify Differences, Combine Multiple Versions, Apply Changes and Create a New Master Presentation

Workshare, the global leader in document comparison software, today
introduced Workshare Compare for PowerPoint, software which allows for
fast, flexible and easy comparisons of Microsoft PowerPoint
presentations. For the first time, PowerPoint users have an easy and
intuitive way to track and manage edits made in PowerPoint slides —
whether it is changes made by collaborators and reviewers, or within
various versions of a presentation made by one individual.

an estimated 30 million presentations created every day, Workshare
Compare for PowerPoint provides users an easy way to identify slides
and slide elements that have been modified, deleted, or inserted. Users
can initiate a comparison directly within the PowerPoint interface to
identify changes to text, images, speaker notes, fonts, the slide
master, and more.

Whether comparing and identifying the
differences in small presentations or those with 1000+ slides,
Workshare Compare for PowerPoint provides ease of use and flexibility
with multiple slide views, custom comparison themes, and reporting
options that provide a complete history of changes. And after
identifying the differences between presentations, Workshare Compare
for PowerPoint enables users to easily combine slides from different
versions into a single master presentation.

For more than
ten years Workshare has provided the leading comparison software for
Microsoft Word. Workshare has now applied its technology and expertise
to PowerPoint presentation slides. For employees and consultants
familiar with the nightmare of reviewing, editing and comparing large
and complicated PowerPoint slide decks, the Workshare solution saves
time, avoids mistakes, reduces frustration and allows users to spend
more time producing high quality presentations.

"When I
first heard there was a new product that tells you what changes have
been made to a PowerPoint file I could not believe my ears," said Diane
Raabe, a Senior Associate at a top four accounting firm. "Workshare
Compare for PowerPoint is a dream come true."

"We know users
have been looking for a way to manage collaborative versions of
PowerPoint slide decks for almost as long as Microsoft has been
offering PowerPoint and now for the first time a really efficient
application is available to make that possible," says John Grillos,
Senior Vice President of Marketing. "This product offers every
PowerPoint user a better way to manage and build presentations. And
because users can easily configure the software to meet their
particular needs, this is a very flexible solution which delivers
significant time savings."

Features of Workshare Compare for PowerPoint

Key features of Workshare Compare for PowerPoint which appeal to frequent presentation writers and reviewers include:

  • fast and accurate presentation comparison for slide decks
  • ability to manage changes and save as a new Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • use of color-coding to enable users to easily locate changes
  • display of source presentations as well as change summary in one view
  • efficient review of PowerPoint slides, incorporating content from previous versions or edits provided by colleagues
  • multiple options for comparing elements within slides and is easily configurable for colors and effects
  • comparisons
    for slide moves, insertions and deletions; text and/or image changes;
    speaker note changes; textbox and hyperlink changes


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