Fujitsu signs contract with Volvo Car Corporation

Fujitsu has recently won an IT services outsourcing deal with Volvo for support of initially 20,000 desktops and in excess of 1,000 servers. The deal was won in competition with several other players in the market and covers the provision of service desk services and the operation of IT platforms.

The deal also means that Fujitsu will be hiring. Around 25 people who were previously employed by Volvo will be transferred to Fujitsu’s offices in Gothenburg in Sweden and Gent in Belgium. In addition, another 50 to 60 people will be recruited to Fujitsu’s offices and operation centres in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Russia.

"Entering as the sole supplier of IT infrastructure services for Volvo is of course enormously gratifying for us at Fujitsu. This deal shows that we can meet demands from companies with big outsourcing needs and a global presence," said Petri Imberg, CEO of Fujitsu in Sweden.

Volvo has previously used a number of different suppliers from the VCC IT Consultancy Partnership, with Fujitsu being one of these suppliers. Under the new contract, Fujitsu will become the exclusive partner in two areas; Infrastructure Operations (IO) and Service Desk & Distributed Computing (SDDC).

The contract also includes a brand new service, Service Integrator (SI). The purpose of this is to build, operate and maintain an industrialised process for end-to-end services from all VCC IT service providers. The goal is to create an efficient process to ensure that all requirements from Volvo are met for all deliveries.

"We have a proven process in Fujitsu Sense and Respond to build services like Service Integrator. With a well developed lean methodology, we can continually improve and streamline processes both internally and directly for our customers," concludes Petri Imberg at Fujitsu.


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