Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2 Available

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the availability of Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2 (ES2), a major software release enabling businesses and governments to build applications that improve interactions with customers and constituents across devices and channels. Delivering significant productivity improvements to IT and line-of-business managers, LiveCycle ES2 provides a rich Internet application (RIA) framework for building customizable RIA workspaces, mobile and desktop access to critical applications, and deployment in the cloud.

The following new features and enhancements to LiveCycle ES2 allow for improved customer experiences and communications, and employee and developer productivity across a variety of industries:

Expanded Client and Browser Support

  • Extended mobile and desktop access to LiveCycle ES2 help organizations save time and costs by providing seamless end-user access to processes and services that help them complete their work faster.
  • Adobe LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile offers access to LiveCycle ES2 from iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices, increasing user productivity by interacting with tasks on the go.
  • Adobe LiveCycle Launchpad ES2, an Adobe AIR application, provides easy access on the desktop to kick-start LiveCycle ES services such as Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator ES2.

Expanded Rich Internet Access (RIA) Services

  • Through closer integration with the Adobe Flash Platform, LiveCycle ES2 enables enterprise Adobe Flex and LiveCycle developers to create user-centric applications that are unique to particular business needs.
  • Adobe LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 is a composite RIA framework for rapidly assembling and engaging activity-centric enterprise applications. LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 provides knowledge workers with real-time, contextual information from multiple sources in a single, personalized view. Developers can extend existing applications by exposing their business logic and user interfaces into application "tiles” that can be assembled to create unified views.
  • Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service (formerly Adobe Flash Collaboration Service) is a new hosted service accessible on the free, ubiquitous Adobe Flash Player runtime that provides developers and enterprises with a scalable solution to easily build real-time, multi-user collaboration into existing or new RIAs.
  • A new LiveCycle ES2 plug-in for Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta lets developers easily embed LiveCycle ES2 technologies into any Flex based application.
  • Adobe enterprise customers will have the option to deploy LiveCycle ES2 in the cloud, hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud computing environment. LiveCycle ES2 in the cloud provides organizations with a faster deployment path and lower total cost of ownership. It also allows developers to stage multiple applications before going live in production.

Integrated Design and Development Expedites Time to Value

  • Tight integration of Adobe tools and solutions helps connect enterprise designers and developers to produce advanced sets of technologies for automating enterprise business processes.
  • Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Solution Accelerators help organizations launch project planning and prototyping, and decrease development time. LiveCycle ES2 Solution Accelerators now include: human capital management, eSubmissions, correspondence management, new account enrollment and services and benefits delivery.
  • Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES2 is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows developers, designers, and business analysts to work together collaboratively.

Improved Document Services for Customer Communication and Retention

LiveCycle ES2 integrates with Adobe PDF technologies for easy accessibility using Adobe Reader, Flash Player software or Web browsers. This release offers enhancements to LiveCycle common services software for advanced functionality:

  • Forms Automation: LiveCycle Forms ES2 streamlines format-driven business processes and improves data accuracy and LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2 seamlessly activates functionality within Adobe Reader, extending document and form-based operations outside an organization. New features allow users to generate RIA interfaces that leverage shared data models.
  • Rich Documents: Users can now automatically create PDF portfolios, and can insert Flash content in PDFs as part of automated PDF document workflows.
  • Document and Information Security: LiveCycle can now apply rights management on the server to Microsoft Office documents for fully automated secure document workflows.

Enhanced Process Management

  • Adobe LiveCycle Process Management ES2 enables business users to manage ad-hoc content reviews without involving IT. Using an intuitive interface, users can publish content, create a list of reviewers and define approval stages, deadlines and escalation guidelines. The content can then be automatically converted into PDF, enabled for inline commenting, rights protection and distribution. Users can monitor and modify the process at any time.
  • With Process Management ES’ new model-driven development capabilities, business analysts can now develop fully functional and intuitive RIA guides for capturing data. They may also use an RIA wizard to generate rich guides with no coding, making it simple to design process flows, and working and intuitive user interfaces.


Kumar Vora, vice president and general manager, LiveCycle Business, Adobe Systems Incorporated
“With Adobe LiveCycle ES2, our customers can easily build and deploy intuitive and powerful applications that more effectively generate, capture and exchange critical information, translating into greater customer loyalty, employee productivity and business growth.”

Melissa Webster, program vice president, Content and Digital Media Technologies, IDC
“We (IDC) believe that building intuitive and easy-to-use applications is just as important in the enterprise as it is on the consumer Web. LiveCycle ES2, Adobe’s user-centric computing strategy, will revolutionize the way enterprise applications are built and delivered."

Michael Cote, analyst, RedMonk
“Portals and enterprise workflows have always come out short on looks and UX, but the Adobe stack looks to be a ready-to-wear make-over service for many of these maligned user experiences.”

Mike Fulkerson, senior vice president, Rosetta Stone
"The Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service allowed us to develop an online solution that makes language learning fun. Our development teams were able to add social features such as collaborative games to our Rosetta Stone TOTALe platform, allowing us to create a rich and interactive learning environment."

Gresham B. Bayne, vice president, operations, Janus Health
“Adobe LiveCycle ES2 offers users clearly defined starting points for automating business processes. The intuitive environment of the latest release will shorten a user’s learning curve and simplify developing and deploying critical, new processes.”

John L. Rigg, chief, bureau of automation, State of Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS)
“Adobe LiveCycle ES2 gives our developers the forms creation and application development tools they need to quickly automate our processes. Every time we automate an older paper-based process, we see a near-instant return on our investment.”

Jaco Van Eden, Sr. Manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
“Our customers are asking for better usability… LiveCycle ES2 is a real game changing technology.”

Josh Laire, application development and integration manager, Bank Midwest
"With the new release of Adobe LiveCycle ES2, Adobe is putting a lot of ingenuity into LiveCycle with a focus on front-end processes and productivity for both the developer and business user. Building composite RIAs using Adobe LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 is great for business users, since they would have all of the information they care about linked and available in one location."


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