Marvell and E Ink Join Forces to Deliver a Radical New Generation of Faster, Lower Power Ultra Thin eReaders for Mass Markets

Marvell , a world leader in storage, communications,
and consumer silicon solutions, today announced its collaboration with
E Ink, the supplier of electronic paper display (EPD) technologies for
most of the world’s eReaders. The two companies have begun to ship a
highly integrated eReader processor available in complete turnkey
platforms aimed at the fast-growing eReader market. These new platforms
are expected to accelerate the rapid release of new forms of eReaders
at a variety of price points.

"With this announcement, Marvell raises the technology bar and takes
the lead in the eReader market," said Ms. Weili Dai, Marvell’s
Co-founder and Vice President and General Manager of the Company’s
Consumer and Computing Business Unit at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
"Because this is a total platform solution – including Marvell key
technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G modem, and power management –
the ARMADA eReader has the potential to deliver the first mass market
product accessible and affordable to billions of consumers around the
world. Marvell’s passion is to give consumers more choice, improved
features, and greater access to more information with eReaders that are
aimed at education, health, and business applications."

As one of the fastest growing consumer markets, eReaders continue to
grow in popularity due to falling retail prices, improved features, and
fast growing library of digital content. According to a recent iSuppli
Research report, eReaders are projected to top 18 million units shipped
in 2012, from 1.1 million units last year.

"Our collaboration with Marvell will deliver an integrated
System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solution to the market," said Sriram Peruvemba,
Vice President of Marketing at E Ink. "This SoC solution is aimed at
offering highly desired features at competitive price points."

Marvell and E Ink have been working together and co-developing
products for the ePaper market. The recently signed agreement between E
Ink and Marvell includes joint development and cross licensing of next
generation ePaper timing controllers and system platforms, which the
companies anticipate will result in higher integration and lower cost
solutions for eReader manufacturers.

Central to this new eReader platform is the world’s first
commercially available SoC that integrates a high performance processor
and state of the art EPD controller on a single chip — the Marvell
ARMADA 166E application processor. The ARMADA 166E is designed to
offer users ultra fast renderings of high resolution PDF documents and
support for the latest ePaper technologies in new smaller, slimmer form
factors with lower system cost than the competition. The ARMADA 166E
also brings to eReaders new features that save power and extend battery
life including a unique hibernation mode, or zero power mode.

The two companies have also joined forces with FirstPaper, LLC, to
integrate unique technology into the ARMADA 166E. This joint innovation
enables a range of display sizes and resolutions, including support for
larger screens that will deliver layouts, graphics, and content choices
that people normally associate with periodicals, larger-format books,
and documents.

"Periodicals are the next big frontier in eReading," said Gil
Fuchsberg, President of FirstPaper, which will bring a new eReading
ecosystem to market in 2010. "To enable great newspaper and magazine
reading experiences, eReading devices need the right tools to make
richer layouts and complex content come to life. We’re excited to be
working with Marvell to bring such tools to the market." Device
manufacturers will be able to take full advantage of FirstPaper’s
integrated content and commerce platform with the ARMADA 166E.


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