US tops the spammers list again!

The US is still the biggest single source of spam emails, according to figures released today.

Anti-Virus firm, Sophos, said that almost 43 per cent of unsolicited mail sent in the last month originated in the United States. This puts the US well clear of other high volume spamming nations. In second place, South Korea accounts for around 15.5 per cent of spam. The UK makes it into the top ten, accounting for 1.15 per cent of spam mail.

Best performing in spam-busting was Canada, which managed to reduce its spam output from 6.8 per cent of the global total six months ago to 2.9 per cent today. South Korea, meanwhile, has taken up the slack and tripled its contribution since February’s figures were released.

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News source: TheRegister The Dirty Dozen

1. United States 42.53 per cent
2. South Korea 15.42 per cent
3. China (& Hong Kong) 11.62 per cent
4. Brazil 6.17 per cent
5. Canada 2.91 per cent
6. Japan 2.87 per cent
7. Germany 1.28 per cent
8. France 1.24 per cent
9. Spain 1.16 per cent
10. United Kingdom 1.15 per cent
11. Mexico 0.98 per cent
12. Taiwan 0.91 per cent


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