Thecus Launches N8800PRO Rackmount NAS Server

Businesses rely on data every day and how this data is stored is of
critical importance. Data has to be accessible at all times, but it
also needs to be fast enough to keep up with the speed of modern
business. Today, Thecus® is proud to launch its latest 2U rackmount NAS device – the N8800PRO.
With outstanding performance, rock-solid stability, and complete
flexibility, the N8800PRO sets a new standard in enterprise storage.

To enable businesses to access their data as quickly as possible,
the N8800PRO features a multitude of performance enhancements. Powering
the N8800PRO is an Intel® Core 2 Duo processor coupled with a full 4GB
of DDR2 800 memory for lightning-quick system response and increased
concurrent connections. All of this technology allows the N8800PRO to
achieve data transfer speeds of over 300MB/s! And to ensure compatibility with future technologies, the N8800PRO even comes with an internal PCI-e slot.
which enables users to install a 10Gbit PCI-e NIC for greatly increased
throughput. In terms of storage, the N8800PRO comes equipped with eight 3.5” SATA hard disk bays for a maximum of 16TB
of storage. System admins that require more storage can actually attach
up to five different N8800PROs to it and manage them all using one
master device using the stackable feature, or use the N8800PRO with iSCSI initiators. The N8800PRO even supports iSCSI thin provisioning! Expandable and flexible, the N8800PRO can grow along with your business.

Of course, data security and reliability is the other half of the
equation, and the N8800PRO has your business covered. First off, users
can multiple RAID modes on the same unit, including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, and JBOD, to match the most suitable usage model. Online RAID expansion and migration have all been included, and for maximum uptime, the N8800PRO also features a Dual DOM design
that features a secondary DOM, which automatically reprograms the
primary DOM should any malfunction occur. The N8800PRO also has a redundant power supply
and is compatible with UPS units to ensure that businesses can access
their data at all times. The N8800PRO easily integrates into virtually
any corporate network with multiple file system support (Ext3, XFS, and ZFS), multiple operating system supportmultiple languages.
With the popularity of VMware, virtualization technology is now widely
used in the IT world.  Thecus is now the member of Technology Alliance
Partner (TAP). (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and even

“The N8800PRO is a new level of power and flexibility in enterprise storage,” said Florence Shih, Thecus Technology General Manager. “With
unbeatable performance and iron-clad reliability, businesses across the
globe can deploy the N8800PRO to ensure that corporate data assets can
be secured and available at all times.”

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