Cities XL DLC download

Monte Cristo is releasing its first content pack for Cities XL subscribers, known as The Old England Pack. Thus, you can explore ten residences of medieval medium density, a shop, restaurant, hotel or even a paved road.

But that’s not all, because three new cards are also unprecedented appointed: Rio de Janeiro, the craters and cliffs. In addition, you can also enjoy the arrival of new megastructures (available only in fashion world): 30 St Mary Ax in London, the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and finally the prison of Alcatraz.

Finally, remember that it also comes in addition to many improvements in particular the interface, avatars, or graphic aspect of the game.

Additional maps and structures include:

  • The Crater:The Crater is an arid landscape where nothing flourishes, but which features interesting oil resources. In the center of the Crater, a small lake provides enough water to meet the needs of a small city.
  • The Cliffs:With soft, rolling hills and a mild climate, the inland areas are an ideal location for farming cities, as a small water table will easily meet the needs of intensive agriculture.

In addition to the new maps, the content pack also features new ‘Megastructures’. The first content pack features 3 additional Megastructures, which significantly enhance your city in different ways.

  • 30 St Mary Axe in London: Nicknamed the "Gherkin" by Londoners, this 180-meter skyscraper created by Norman Foster towers over the City financial district. This building is especially famous for the building techniques used and its qualities in terms of energy saving.This building has a positive effect on office buildings.
  • The Imperial Palace in Tokyo: Built on the exact location where the old Edo castle once stood, the Tokyo Imperial Palace has been the residence of the Japanese imperial family since the end of the 19th century. Bombed during WWII, it was completely restored in 1968. This building increases your city’s attractiveness.
  • Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco: Although it mostly welcomes tourists and pelicans nowadays, the Alcatraz military fort, nestled in the San Francisco Bay, is famous for having been a prison from 1909 to 1963, where some of the most dangerous criminals in the United States were held. Placing "The Rock" in your city helps keep crime down.



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