Duke Nukem returns on XBLA

Duke Nukem is rumored to be making yet another comeback, this time as a 3D side-scroller in the vein of Shadow Complex. Manhattan Project, originally developed for the PC back in 2002, has popped up in a LinkedIn profile for Rebecca Heineman who has the game listed as being an XBLA project. Hard to tell when the game was in development, or even if it still is, as the listing is not in chronological order. That puts this sucker firmly in the rumor category.

Duke Nukem: The Manhattan Project is a shooting game similar to the excellent Shadow Complex. Despite its 3D graphics, the concept emphasizes a single game plan as the date of 2002. That said, it is only pure speculation, we know very well, things are going very fast in the world of video games.

But it is not impossible to see land the Duke Nukem friend who has already made a stop on the next-gen console from Microsoft. While waiting for better days, it could very well take this winter to fill pockets, who knows?


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