Evolution Dreams Studio Announces Pirate Mayhem, Runic Quest & Words in a Word coming to Xbox Live Indie Games

Evolution Dreams Studio is proud to announce the development of three new games – Pirate Mayhem, Runic Quest and Words in a Word – coming to Xbox Live Indie Games this fall.

Pirate Mayhem is an arcade shooter game. You are an adventurous pirate who travels around the world shooting at rival pirates in order to steal their treasure. Kill all the rival pirates while avoiding their bullets and destroy the buildings.

Runic Quest is a puzzle game in which you help an adventurer lost on a mysterious island face the dangers of a Runic Quest. Your aim is to cross each level from bottom to top, walking over Runes of the same color before the time runs out.

Every game is different! There’s plenty of replay value with nearly 200 randomly-generated levels in 4 different environments, as well as exciting arcade puzzle gameplay and high quality art and music.

Play the flash lite version of the game on: freegamesjungle.com/runic_quest.html

In Words in a Word you can play your friends on-line, making as many words as you can from the letters of a six-letter word within the time limit. Practice alone or play on-line with up to 4 players for a place on the global leaderboards.

Words in a Word is now being peer reviewed on Xbox Live Indie Games and will be the first to be completed. Pirate Mayhem and Runic Quest are coming soon.

Play the previous Xbox Live Indie Games from the studio: Bomb Disposal Expert (bombdisposalexpert.com/) and Planet Delta (planetdelta.net/).


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