COSAN Signs R$4.5 Million Contract With IBM to Redesign IT Infrastructure

COSAN, one of the biggest sugar-energy groups in the world, has just
signed an agreement in the amount of R$4.5 million with IBM to update its IT infrastructure. Under the contract, IBM will be
responsible for building a new and modern data center with 230 square
meters, including two consolidated IBM Power System 570 servers, with
virtualization and optimization resources. With the new solutions,
Cosan will gain a dynamic infrastructure with high availability and
scalability, capable of sustaining the company’s expansion plan. 

design of the new data center is being developed under IBM’s full
responsibility and according to best practices for energy efficiency.
Systems for electricity, cooling, access control and fire prevention
and fighting will be deployed in order to provide an efficient and safe
environment. With a centralized, monitored and resilient
infrastructure, Cosan gains better readiness to compete in the tough
sugar-alcohol market and participate in the strategic acquisition
processes that are common in the energy sector. 

The previous IT environment consisted of distributed servers,
replaced by the consolidated solution of IBM Power servers, providing
better performance to the corporate system and a significant reduction
in response time for the company’s users. Today, the COSAN group is
active in all links of the value chain of the sugar-energy sector, with
23 production units, four refineries and two port terminals. The
company is also active in retail with the Da Barra brand, in the fuel
distribution segment under the Esso brand and in the production and
distribution of automobile and industrial lubricants under the Mobil

The deal was closed in September 2009.


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