CSI Digital offers turn-key IPTV solutions to the telecommunications

CSI Digital, the independent market leader of IPTV solutions and ViVicast Media LLC, a leader in linear and over-the-top content, jointly announced today that both firms will collaborate to provide IPTV providers with authorized traditional and over the top (terrestrially delivered) broadband content.

The combination of market intelligence and practical deployment solutions offered by CSI Digital together with ViVicast’s unique portfolio of agreements with programmers will enable providers to better serve their subscriber customers. The delivery of targeted content to users of all forms of media and the younger demographic will enhance the product offering of service providers.

ViVicast Media will work with CSI Digital to deliver top-flight programming that works well with CSI Digital’s proprietary delivery solutions. Designed to meet the exploding demand for additional programming and over the top distribution, the content can be integrated directly into a provider’s existing programming or to be sold as a stand alone product. The content will enable providers to infuse new programming to attract additional revenues as well as meet new demands to deliver content meant for non-traditional means of viewing.

As part of the collaboration, CSI Digital and ViVicast Media will work together to enhance the offerings to the marketplace. “CSI Digital’s solutions give providers the content they need to stay competitive in the market today and prepare them to compete using next generation media formats. By combining our solutions with the unique and attractive programming supplied by ViVicast, our customers are able to gain new market share while defending the markets they have worked so hard to capture,” said Lu Bolden, President of CSI Digital.

“We are pleased to be working with CSI,” said Stuart Smitherman, Executive VP of ViVicast. “By combining CSI Digital’s solutions with ViVicast’s unique programming, we enable providers and their subscribers to view content in a traditional manner or via other forms of media. This approach enriches the provider’s subscriber relationship and helps the provider bring new subscribers under their management.”

ViVicast will be exhibiting at the upcoming Telco TV conference in Orlando at Booth 1101.


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