Windows 7 sales 234% higher than Vista

According to records the initial sales of Windows 7 exceed those of Windows Vista sale in the United States.

The NPD Group more wont to
talk about the outlandish sales in the United States of songs through the iTunes
platform and even enthusiasm invariably described as unprecedented in-waiting
each release of a new Apple OS stamped. This time the
institute expressed beginnings of commercial flamboyant Windows 7 in its box, Especially when compared to its
predecessor Windows Vista.

According to
the NPD Group, the initial sales of Windows 7 in the U.S. have far exceeded
those of Windows Vista. The study period is however
quite unusual from October 18 to October 24, 2009 – OS is
available to the general public from October 22 and takes into account purchasing pre-sale.

Remember that Microsoft has proposed this summer pre-sale
limited in time and the number of available copies of Home Premium and Windows 7
Professional ($ 50 USA). So, if the impressive rate of 234% is discussed in
terms of income dollar sales Windows 7 are "only" 82%
higher than those of Windows Vista in its infancy.

As expected, the release of Windows 7 has had an effect on PC sales But this effect was less during the release of
Windows Vista. The period is not the same as Windows Vista was appeared
on the new PCs in January 2007. It was not until the Christmas period of that years
to get a real stock.

On the move Japan The Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that initial sales
of Windows 7 were fantastic .The land of the Rising Sun
and helped support sales of PCs. " We have an excellent response in Japan.
The first sales were fantastic. The first ten days were more important than the
first ten days of XP or Vista or any other release of Windows that we did."


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