Nvidia preparing its entry into the market for x86 cpu

There are persistent rumors about interest Nvidia ready market for x86


The firm well known for its graphics cards, recently hired
many staff . A sign interpreted by Doug
Freedman, an analyst at Amtech, as a desire to go on x86 CPU

An outlet quite natural and even necessary for Nvidia as the
company is in trouble on the market Chipset. The firm is
indeed in conflict with Intel .For the development of
chipsets for processors of the future world leader and has nothing to hope for
AMD processors, also owner of the rival ATI …

That’s why Doug Freedman predicts that Nvidia failing to
sell its own platforms for Intel or AMD could very well be concerned its own chips. A choice even more crucial since the sale of
chipsets is 30% of revenues from Nvidia Who can not do
without this lucrative source at a time when AMD has a strong pressure on the
market graphics cards with its model Radeon HD5870.

The target would be the processors x86
entry level and low power consumption and thus avoiding to Nvidia to rubbing
supremacy of the Core i7.



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