Atlantic introduces wireless ip spy cameras

Atlantic electronic put forwards the biggest sale ever on all the types of wireless camera. These cameras have the capability of recording live videos from any computer via internet or any kind of local network. These ip spy cameras are very easy to install and access. The software in it helps you to manage up to 32 network cameras.

Portable Fan Wireless IP Spy Hidden Camera

This product contains a hidden spy camera inside of a portable fan, making it a portable spy camera! Powered by either (4) D size batteries or with an 110V AC power outlet, this camera can send LIVE real time video over the internet!

This hidden nanny camera has the capability of recording and viewing live video from any computer in the world via your local network or through the Internet. Included is software that makes it easy to install the camera and configure the camera for your network. This software can be configured to watch and record up to 32 cameras remotely.

Box Fan Wireless IP Spy nanny Camera

The SWIP-BF Wireless G Internet Spy Hidden Camera connects to an Ethernet or wireless network to enable remote high-quality video recording. 802.11g wireless technology allows you to place the SWIP-BF in places that were previously inaccessible such as Desktop. Support for the WPA and WPA2 standard ensures that you will be provided with the highest level of security when connecting to your wireless network.

Easily configure and manage your camera: With the included SWIP-BF software, you can manage up to 32 network cameras, set e-mail alert notifications, set recording schedules, and enable motion detection-triggered recording directly to a local hard drive.


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