Gamesmith and Chope Entertainment Announce Arrival of Juggz for iPhone and iPod Touch

iPhone games publisher Gamesmith Studios and game developer Chope
Entertainment proudly announce the release of Juggz for iPhone, a new
breed of casual game combining fast-pace ball juggling action with the
traditional challenge of a brick breaker game.

In Juggz, users
play as one of four characters: Mana Tan, Jose G, Chelsea and Grandazo
– in three short session-based challenges that will keep them
struggling to keep balls up in the air and hit targets on the ceiling
and walls to score points.

The action is very fast-paced; there is no better exercise for the
thumbs and like in other games where time is of the essence, users can
maximize a multiplier bar to earn more points. As the difficulty
increases, users will discover more of each character’s story and can
even unlock gorgeous art that can be automatically saved on the iPhone
to be used as wallpaper.

“The team at Chope Entertainment delivered a well-executed, fun and
highly colorful casual game that will keep users of all ages riveted to
their devices and we are very proud of this first release together”
says Jasson Michaud, Executive Producer at Gamesmith.


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