iPhone Developer Selling 87 App-Business on eBay

exas based independent developer Brice Milliorn today announced the decision to sell JBMJBM, LLC. This is a well established company whose sole purpose is creating consumer applications for the iPhone platform. JBMJBM has seen an explosive growth in just under a year, and offers a stable of high quality, well developed applications that are mixed in scope and genre. The business is currently listed for sale on eBay as a 10 day auction, starting bid $100,000. The offer includes 87 apps — some of his best-selling applications are Friday Night Lights, iSpy Game, iReferee, iSexyRef, iSexyRef2, Pro Rodeo Fan, Sit Up Counter, Shake 2 Count and several College oriented apps for sports enthusiasts.

"In an incredible short time, JBMJBM has simply grown out of my hands," said Brice Milliorn, founder of JBMJBM LLC. "I have found that I am taking time away from my family. Establishing JBMJBM as an LLC in July of 2009, I have sold over 30,000 applications in my short tenure as an iPhone programmer. Because of my limited time that I am able to give to this business, I am unable to properly market what I have. If an interested party has time to market them, then their results should be much better."

This single purchase lands the prospective party 87 applications, currently listed on the App Store. JBMJBM will transition all application assets into the party’s name or into their business name. Interested parties are bidding on the source code files, website files, and all collateral (in other words, the whole kit and caboodle) for all 87 apps from JBMJBM.

Best-selling applications:

  • Friday Night Lights
  • iSpy Game
  • iReferee
  • iSexyRef
  • iSexyRef2
  • Pro Rodeo Fan
  • Sit Up Counter
  • Shake 2 Count
  • And many more
  • Plus several College sports applications


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