HTC will develop netbooks

HTC CEO Peter Chou indicates the netbook market continuously monitored by HTC, now best known for smart phones, perhaps it is also going to be active in netbook market. says CEO Chou, soon they can get a unique product.

There have been several rumors about HTC which the netbook market was going, but
as yet nothing has materialized. HTC claims that it is because they want a
unique product on the market up and not something that other manufacturers also

Netbooks are
devices with a screen size of about ten to eleven inches. The laptops are made
in small size to be very mobile and yet the functionality of a complete computer
services. The netbooks almost all have the same specifications, an Intel ATOM
processor with one gigabyte of memory. They now run Windows XP or Windows 7 where  developed specifically for netbooks.

Nokia is also active in the
netbook market. They grabbed their chance and launched a netbook with integrated
3G adapter, GPS and compass functions. The netbook this seems pretty much on a
smartphone with a larger screen but no call feature. It seems obvious that HTC will appear in similar way, by
showing a different netbook to market. 



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