VMware View 4 Partner Ecosystem Rallies Behind PC over IP Display Protocol

Purpose-built Display Protocol Enables Customers to Deploy Rich
Functionality with Support from Broad Range of Third-party Solutions

VMware, Inc.  the global leader in virtualization
solutions from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, announced broad ecosystem support of the Teradici PC-over-IP
(PCoIP) protocol delivered in VMware View 4,

VMware View 4 is the industry’s only purpose-built desktop
virtualization solution, setting a new quality, cost and scale standard
while eliminating critical barriers that have traditionally restricted
customer adoption. The VMware software implementation of the patented
PCoIP protocol is a key feature of VMware View 4, raising the bar for
delivering a rich, high-quality desktop experience to any user—from the
basic task worker to the most demanding power user—regardless of
location, addressing more use cases than ever before. With support for
native VMware View software clients and PCoIP-enabled hardware from a
variety of ecosystem partners, VMware View with PCoIP is specifically
designed to provide customers the flexibility to deploy end-to-end
solutions with a variety of end point options to meet the most diverse
range of end user and business needs.

Unlike other legacy application delivery solutions, the robust PCoIP
protocol in VMware View 4 is purpose-built for virtual desktop delivery
over any network. The flexible access model enables users to work with
a wide range of applications, view rich media content, choose any
number of monitor configurations and seamlessly access locally attached
peripheral devices such as printers, scanners and mass storage with a
PC-like experience regardless of location or task. The protocol
dynamically detects and adapts to the end user’s network connection,
automatically analyzing and optimizing to compensate for changes in
latency and bandwidth to help ensure the best user experience for the

“VMware prides itself on partnering with a robust ecosystem so that
together we can enable the best desktop solutions based on our diverse
customer needs,” said Jocelyn Goldfein, vice president and general
manager, Desktop Business Unit, VMware. “With VMware View 4,
PC-over-IP, and strong support from the ecosystem, we’re expanding the
reach of our solutions and addressing more use cases than ever before
while delivering an optimal experience to end users.”

Partners Support New VMware View 4 with PCoIP Display Protocol

“Many of our customers are looking to extend the power of
virtualization beyond the datacenter to the desktop. Cisco is working
closely with key desktop virtualization solutions vendors, like VMware,
to help deliver high-performance applications to the virtual desktop
through our network and compute infrastructure and WAN optimization
solution,” said Manjula Talreja, vice president, business development,
Strategic Partner Organization, Cisco. “Cisco is also developing
security capabilities found in Nexus 1000V that work with VMware View™
4 to help protect customers from malware attacks in centralized virtual
desktop server environments.”

“VMware supporting the PC-over-IP protocol with VMware View™ 4
provides tremendous value for customers looking to extend the
capabilities of Virtual Remote Desktop computing throughout the
enterprise,” said Steve Lalla, vice president and general manager,
Business Client Product Group, Dell, Inc.  “With VMware View 4 and
Dell’s Virtual Remote Desktop solution, customers will be able to
access a wide variety of applications and play rich media content
without compromising data security or the end-user experience.”

"Devon IT has been delivering PC-over-IP client computing solutions
since the inception of the technology," said Joe Makoid, president,
Devon IT. "We have built an entire suite of products around VMware
View™ 4 because we believe this is a premier platform for deploying
virtual desktop solutions.  Devon IT is pleased to offer our leadership
and experience in PC-over-IP thin client solutions with our VMware View
4 certified hardware and software solutions to VMware customers and
help promote this quantum leap in desktop virtualization as a way for
organizations to improve hosted desktop computing."

"HP’s thin computing platforms and solutions always support the
latest VMware View enhancements like PC-over-IP to deliver a superior
user experience with rich multimedia, high-performance graphics and
high-definition audio,” said Jeff Groudan, vice president, Thin Client
and Client Virtualization Solutions, HP. “HP and VMware work together
to deliver a better user experience for customers as well as fully
integrated desktop virtualization solutions that are simple to
configure, deploy and manage."

“We are extremely excited with the launch of VMware View 4 and the
broad support of PCoIP technology now available in a variety of
software and hardware accelerated platforms – all from leading
virtualization solution partners,” said Dan Cordingley, president and
CEO, Teradici Corporation. “VMware View 4 is the only desktop
virtualization solution tailored to deliver a compelling remote
computing experience to meet the needs of all enterprise user types.”

"Wyse’s day-one support and certification of VMware View 4
featuring the new PC-over-IP protocol, ensures Wyse and VMware
customers can deploy end-to-end virtual desktop solutions effectively,"
said Param Desai, director, product management, Wyse. "Together, Wyse
and VMware are delivering the Wyse P20 with PC-over-IP protocol
technology, enabling the practical consolidation of all IT resources
into the datacenter. Wyse is also working closely with VMware to
deliver the new PC-over-IP software client on a variety of thin client
devices that can deliver an uncompromised user experience, including
improved scalability with media remoting, anywhere, without incurring
the security risks associated with transmitting data across a network
or having data reside in remote PCs."


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