Symantec New Backup and Archiving Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Symantec Corp. announced updates to its backup
and archiving software solutions to support Microsoft Exchange Server
2010 and other Microsoft applications. Symantec’s information
management solutions help extend Exchange 2010 by further protecting
customers’ information, reducing storage and server costs and quickly
recovering information for business, legal and regulatory compliance

Symantec’s Enterprise Vault archiving solution adds direct
drag-and-drop access to the archive from Outlook, so users no longer
have to rely on “shortcut” links from their mailbox. This is now
available for previous versions of Exchange and is scheduled to be
available for Exchange 2010 in early 2010. Available now, Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010
provides fast, reliable system backup and restore for Microsoft
Exchange 2010. Over the next several months, Symantec is scheduled to
deliver updated versions of NetBackup, Backup Exec and Enterprise Vault
to reduce storage by deduplicating information stored in Microsoft
Exchange 2010, as well as other applications such as Microsoft
SharePoint and Windows Server 2008 R2.

“Organizations of all sizes are wrestling with massive information
growth across multiple Microsoft platforms and applications, but
especially Exchange,” said Mathew Lodge, senior director of product
marketing, Symantec Information Management Group. “Symantec helps by
providing backup and archiving platforms to centrally protect, manage
and discover critical information within Exchange 2010 and other
Microsoft platforms.”

New Archiving Support Provides Comprehensive Search and Management of Exchange

Symantec Enterprise Vault unifies deduplication, tiered storage,
policy enforcement and e-discovery of information across multiple
applications, such as Exchange, SharePoint, file servers and instant
messaging. Available now, Enterprise Vault 8.0 with virtual vault eases
the end user experience for organizations archiving Microsoft Exchange
by combining access to live, legacy and archived emails in Microsoft
Outlook without any visible change to the appearance of the message or
stub files. This new capability allows end users to easily drag,
search, move and retrieve archived email within Outlook just as they
would with a .pst but without additional complications related to
e-discovery or corruption. Additionally, Enterprise Vault is scheduled
to provide fully-integrated archiving support for Exchange 2010 early
next year.

“Symantec has unique expertise in backup and archiving solutions,
and we are happy to have them as a Microsoft partner for Microsoft
Exchange Server 2010,” said Betsy Frost, general manager, UC Marketing
at Microsoft Corp. “Partners are critical to Microsoft’s success and,
by building on Exchange 2010, Symantec helps us deliver more value to
our customers and meet the needs of a wider variety of organizations.
We are delighted to have Symantec included in our community of partners
who are energized and ready to help customers take advantage of the
innovations in Exchange 2010.”

Symantec Backup and Recovery Delivers Granular Recovery of Exchange
Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 provides small businesses
with full system backup and recovery of the latest Microsoft platforms,
including Microsoft Exchange 2010, Windows 7 and Microsoft Server 2008
R2. This allows organizations moving to these new Microsoft
environments to ensure that their data and systems can be quickly
recovered should they encounter an outage or disaster.

Additionally, Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 and the next versions
of NetBackup and Backup Exec are scheduled to provide granular recovery
of Exchange 2010 email messages, files, mailboxes, and public and
private folders from single-pass database backups.

Product Availability
Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 and Enterprise Vault with virtual
vault are currently available. The following products are scheduled to
be fully Exchange 2010 compatible in the next several months: Backup
Exec, NetBackup and Enterprise Vault.

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