Ahsay and Kaspersky Join Hands in Protecting Critical Data for Businesses

Nowadays, businesses would not be able to operate without using computer. As a result, data security is vital to business continuity. Starting from the fall of 2009, two well-known software labels specialized in data security, namely Ahsay and Kaspersky, join hands in protecting critical data for businesses in Hong Kong.

In order to ensure data security, “prevention” is always more effective than “remedy”. For “prevention”, there are two major methods. One is to defend against security threats by adopting system defensive solution. The other method is to back up the data securely so that when data loss disaster happens, one can always restore the data from backup. Of course, for the best result, both methods should be adopted at the same time.

For business system defensive solution, Kaspersky is a well known brand in the world. Their Kaspersky Open Space Security software keeps business data intact, protects against malware and network security threats. The software effectively counter-attacks cyber criminals, ensures reliable computer and network protection performance. The security program is easy to manage. It provides a wide range of data protection to any type of businesses.

For business backup solution, Ahsay is one of the most popular solutions adopted by businesses worldwide. Ahsay BackupBox is the company’s newly launched product specifically designed for smaller businesses which do not have I.T. specialists in-house. The tissue-box sized Ahsay BackupBox is a compact storage device equipped with enterprise-class backup software. After attaching the BackupBox onto a company’s network, it will automatically perform data backup for servers and desktop computers on the network. The BackupBox can also be placed in data center or other locations for off-site backup. The economical, plug-and-play backup device is user-friendly and is an ideal solution for small businesses.

Generous Offers from Ahsay and Kaspersky

Currently, Ahsay and Kaspersky are running a joint promotion for Hong Kong businesses. Through the promotion, businesses can experience a complete range of data protection without any up-front payment. Specifically, Ahsay is offering free trial of Ahsay BackupBox for 30 days, including free delivery and on-site setup service.


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