Norman launches solution to protect against email scam

Norman ASA, the leading innovator of proactive antimalware solutions, is now releasing Norman Antispam – a comprehensive, powerful, antispam and antiphishing security software that keeps the inbox free from unwanted junk email.

Norman Antispam solution is an antispam and antiphishing security software that makes dealing with unwanted emails painless and effortless. Tight integration with popular email systems like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows mail means the user hardly will notice Norman Antispam as it protects the inbox from email security threats like phishing attempts and spam.

Norman’s antispam is a part of the new Norman Security Suite a comprehensive security solution designed to protect computers against internet threats.

The new powerful Norman Antispam filters out unwanted and fraudulent emails from the mailbox. With the new spam engine a detection rate of more than 98% stops unwanted, fraudulent and phishing emails ensuring uninterrupted service delivering only emails the users really need. Users can create, block and allow lists to manage who they want to receive emails from, and what content that they allow to pass through the email client.

With LiveFeed included Norman Antispam provides greater detection from spam bots, computers that are surreptitiously hijacked by spammers to send spam without the owner’s knowledge. Norman LiveFeed identifies servers which should not be connecting to public mail servers according to the IP owner’s terms of use.

“Spam has been around for decades and has increased in both volume and sophistication. We see a growing trend towards more personified phishing attempts such as email scam disguised to lure personal and sensitive information from customers, for example credit card numbers, passwords and bank account information. Norman Antispam is the easiest and most accurate solution to spam and will give our customer the best protection against junk mail and phishing attempts’ ” said Audun Lødemel, VP marketing and business development.
Features in Norman Antispam:

    * Stops 98% of all spam
    * LiveFeed reputation system that provides real-time analysis
    * Intuitive and easy to use interface
    * Advanced phishing detection
    * Automatic updates
    * Scan email attachments
    * Block/allow spoofed senders and email addresses
    * Effective spam management

Norman Antispam is available through Norman’s webshop and partners in selected countries worldwide.


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