Make International for Cheap NimbuzzOut!!!

It’s the first pay-as-you-go product from Nimbuzz, and it will transform your mobile into the cheapest way to make international calls.You can purchase NimbuzzOut credits direct from or your Nimbuzz mobile app and save up to 95% on the cost of a traditional international mobile call!

NimbuzzOut is currently available for Symbian, iPhone and iPod Touch handsets, but they will be rolling it out to other handsets later this year.

To check how cheap is their tariff, visit Rate Calculator – it’s a really handy tool that helps you work out the NimbuzzOut calling rates for each country.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Download the latest version of Nimbuzz from iTunes, the Apple App Store or your favourite Symbian app store such as Ovi or Getjar – NimbuzzOut is automatically included. 
  • Purchase NimbuzzOut credits
  • To make a call: go to the “Call” tab > Click on the top bar on the “Call” tab > Select NimbuzzOut as your VoIP provider > Go back to phonebook > Select a contact from your Nimbuzz phonebook and click on it. The call will start immediately!
    Make calls and save money!

There’s no need for a new account –everything is included in the Nimbuzz app. Check Video Tutorial


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