Battlefield Bad Company 2: Africa Harbor

To get down to business DICE has decided to publish images of Africa map Harbor.

This map allow  the owners of the Playstation 3 to go to through the beta program that will start next November 19. Unfortunately, Play preview at Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be accessible to all. EA will publish in a few days how this heavy agenda is.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Africa Harbor gmae map

Africa Harbor is a map arid sufficiently broad to accommodate many vehicles. This is rather compact compared to most cards of the first film. This compact will push players to meet more often and to show high mobility. Stay too often in the same area will not possible.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Africa Harbor new game map

Tanks and Other surveillance drones will not be too much to enliven the urban guerrilla. The Xbox 360 owners will not however enjoy the game until January 2010 and then wait for the demo. Release date scheduled for March 5, 2010 PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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