Network Intercept Announces Secure-Me Desktop

Network Intercept announced today the release of their Secure-Me solution for
the PC desktop. The Secure-Me program offers customers security as a service
(SAAS) as it secures Internet browsing from the latest web threats, protecting
users’ privacy and preventing identity theft. Once installed, Secure-Me offers a
secure browser that encrypts all internet traffic leaving from or coming to the
user’s machine, accelerates the user’s web browsing speed by up to 3X, and
enables user’s to surf the web anonymously. In addition, the built-in virus and
malware protection will scan every website for malicious scripts. Secure-Me
continually protects users as it scans any files the user downloads or sends out
through the secured browser. The product also comes equipped with a virtual
keyboard, keystroke interference software (for further protection from keyboard
logging programs), and the ability to encrypt and decrypt files the user stores
or shares with others. Secure-Me will not slow down the system and only leaves a
very small and unnoticeable footprint on the user’s machine. The program works
inherently with Mozilla Firefox and can be easily configured to work with
Microsoft Internet Explorer as well.

"People have enough to think about in their day-to-day lives; they should not
have to worry about personal information theft or malicious scripts when
browsing the web," says Jennifer Borun, Chief Marketing Officer of Network.
"Secure-Me offers users security, safety, and peace of mind from falling victim
to infected or malicious websites or being targeted by Internet crime."

Network Intercept’s Secure-Me desktop works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista,
and Windows 7. The software will be released through and
various download sites on November 12, 2009.


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