Dot Com Infoway holds no responsibility for misuse of its free web templates

Dot Com Infoway holds no responsibility for the misuse of its free web templates by scammers. This statement comes in the wake of reports of scammers misusing our company’s templates to create spam sites. Dot Com Infoway declares that it holds no responsibility for the misuse of its free web templates by scammers. The company issues this statement to circumvent reports of scamming done using the free website templates submitted by us to various open source sites like, etc.

For over a period of time, we have been receiving reports of scammers developing spam sites using the free website templates we offer through various web design and open source sites. Waking up to such reports, we hereby declare that, Dot Com Infoway, the company, holds no responsibility for any such scam done in our name and that, we can, in no way be charged with complaints of any consequential damages that may arise out of the misuse of our freely-distributed web templates.

By this, Dot Com Infoway informs all and sundry that we offer free web templates through open source sites with the best intention of helping website owners set up their own websites easily. Our templates come packed with HTML files to allow modifications by users who download and install them. If any user takes advantage of our best intentions and modifies and uses our templates to suit his or her purposes, it is not DCI’s responsibility to monitor the act and pass judgments on the user’s motives. Our line of monitoring ends with submission of web templates to free template sites. We cannot be held responsible for any cheating or fraudulence done through the misuse of our free templates. We also deny liability to all claims of damages done so far through any such misuse.

Commenting on this, Mr. Ashok, a Project Manager with DCI says, “Some companies use our free templates for spamming purposes. Since the templates have a link to the DCI website, people presume that Dot Com Infoway creates these spam sites. But, DCI has nothing to do with such spam sites and we deny claims of all damages done through such sites. However, the company will continue to provide free web templates to the open source template market as it does not want to disappoint its loyal users.”


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